Our Mission is to provide a variety of natural treatment options for individuals who seek to restore, promote and enjoy their health. These sensible, self-curative and self remedial therapies are holistic in approach, make careful consideration of mind and body and are implemented by experienced complementary and alternative health care practitioners.

is a drug-free non-invasive manual practice that uses various techniques to reduce pain and restore physiology of body systems. The aim of osteopathy is to facilitate overall good health and well-being.
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is a practice that encourages an individual’s self-healing processes by using natural substances such as herbs, vitamins, minerals etc. and promotes the intake of good nutrition to restore optimum health.
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uses therapeutic exercise, physical modalities (such as massage, electrotherapy, etc.), assistive devices (crutches, canes etc.) and offers training/education to reduce pain, restore strength/range of motion and restore function where possible.
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Massage Therapy
The manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, and aid in the healing process.
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is a detailed assessment and provision of custom made shoe inserts as assistive devices for various foot and ankle disorders like fractures, flat feet, high arches etc.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine
is based on a 2000 year old philosophy that uses various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise and dietary therapy.
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is one of the main forms of treatment in Chinese medicine. It involves the use of sharp, thin needles that are inserted in the body at very specific points.  This process is believed to adjust and alter the body’s energy flow into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.
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Live Blood Cell Analysis
is the use of high resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood cells. It involves a simple procedure for obtaining a quick and accurate assessment of one’s blood and allows the technician to observe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, excess fat circulation, liver weakness etc.
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A form of psychotherapy used to create unconscious change in the patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings. Hypnotherapy can be used as an alternative treatment for a wide range of health conditions including weight control, pain management and smoking cessation to name a few.
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The alternative medical system of homeopathy was developed in Germany at the end of the 18th century. Supporters of homeopathy point to two unconventional theories: “like cures like”—the notion that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people; and “law of minimum dose”—the notion that the lower the dose of the medication, the greater its effectiveness. Many homeopathic remedies are so diluted that no molecules of the original substance remain.
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  Home visits can be provided for some services. Additional fees apply. 

Looking for an Osteopath?

Osteopathy is unregulated in Ontario. Be aware that all osteopathic practitioners do not have the same training. Insurance companies will reimburse the fees for osteopathic practitioners who have proper training. Always inquire as to training of the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner that you are consulting with. Visit www.osteopathyontario.org  to find one near you.

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