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Sports Injury

When I started Osteopathy treatments I had recently been diagnosed with tennis elbow. Previous to that I also had tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I’ve also had Colitis for over twenty years. I also have seasonal allergies/sinus problems and occasional back trouble. The medications I took are Asacol for Colitis, also Pentasa, Sinutab or Claritin for sinus and allergies. I kept a daily journal for all the medications I take to avoid over medicating and so I wouldn’t forget to take something. I needed all my medication all the time. Since started Osteopathy treatments, I no longer depend heavily on the medication. I now take half the Asacol for my Colitis. I don’t need medication for sinus or allergy problems. I do occasionally use a nasal spray (for sinus). I now have a Colonoscopy (for Colitis) once every two years. Before, I had to do them every year. My doctors are pleased with my progress. I stopped seeing Chiropractors after ten years. I no longer have the back and neck problems that I did before. I still have occasional back pain, but nothing out of the ordinary for a person of my age. Because of the job I do, I still have some problems with tendonitis tennis-elbow and Carpal Tunnel. Most of the time I’m fine, with only the occasional flare ups. I believe that Osteopathy, dietary changes and exercise made all the difference in controlling the Colitis and eliminating my sinus problems. My tennis elbow and tendonitis conditions are at a manageable level and usually do not cause me any pain or discomfort most of the time. – Curtis McDonald


As a physiotherapist and graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Health Sciences, I must admit that I was skeptical about the practice of Osteopathy. I wondered if there was any scientific evidence to support this type of approach. However I had undergone medical investigations for some of my problems, which had not uncovered any solutions, and other more traditional treatment had failed to produce lasting changes. Therefore when a friend recommended Atily Gunaratne, I decided to eventually try this type of treatment.

The chief problems I was experiencing were digestive disturbances which sometimes caused heart palpitations, sinus problems with occasional headaches, and despite exercises, problems improving my upper back flexibility and overall posturing. It is now several months later and I have improved significantly. My digestion is considerably better (rarely have heartburn and burping now), the palpitations have almost gone and my overall posturing has improved. In the fall when I usually experience my worst sinus headaches from allergy season, I hardly had any headaches and I did not require any allergy medications. Overall I have an improved sense of well being. As a result of my experiences, I would highly recommend osteopathic treatment with Atily Gunaratne. In fact, I have advised several of my friends to go and they as well have found positive benefits.


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I am a designer who works in all aspects of interior design. My profession requires that I am frequently on site, working along with clients as well as trades people. It can be a demanding job physically. I first consulted with Atily Gunaratne in August of 1999. My main health problem at that time was that I was suffering from extreme lower back pain . So much so that I was I could not dress myself properly. I could not bend enough to put on my underwear , foot wear, pants or anything that required my bending over towards my feet. Side ways mobility also affected.

I had been getting chiropractic treatment and massage treatments at this time for approximately two years, but my physical problems were not improving. I was getting a lot of set backs, and consequently getting very discouraged, depressed and losing hope rapidly of ever recovering. At my first assessment with Atily, he assured me that he could help me. He said it would take time and commitment on my part, but if I was willing, there was no doubt in his mind. It was possible for me to make a full recovery. After so much pain, day in, day out for several years, this was music to my ears.

Apparently my back problems were stemming from a tubal ligation procedure that had been performed after my second child was born in 1983. When my son was 2 years old ,the serious pain and problems had begun, and at regular intervals my back would “go out”. I couldn’t stand or sit at all, I couldn’t sleep properly, or carry out any of my normal functions. I became completely incapacitated. Visits to my G.P . weren’t much help. After being sent for X-rays, I was told that I had curvature of my spine, and no help, suggestions, treatment or medication were offered. I was on my own. I was relieved, after being recommended to Atily by a friend who had great success very quickly with her problem.

I had hope again, and assurance that there was help for me. It has now been almost 10 months. Initially I visited the clinic every 7 days, and slowly my visits have been reduced to once a month. I can now bend , sit, walk and function normally every way imaginable, without pain or discomfort. The things that were impossible for me before, like sitting in a movie theater, and enjoying a film have been given back to me. I thought my life was over, and had begun resign myself to this, I felt alone with no one to help, and no relief in sight. Today it is a different story, better than I ever thought imaginable. I have a full and active life, thanks to the kindness, support, help and Osteopathic care I received from Atily.


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I am a 46 year old cost accountant. I had suffered 3 different accidents in the last 3 years, and all of them affected my lower back, shoulders and neck. After the first and second one, I used to go to physiotherapy three times a week for several months with very poor results. When the third accident happened , I decided to try an unconventional treatment.

A friend of mine explained to me how Osteopathy works, and recommended me to Atily Gunaratne. After my first appointment I started to believe that I could get good results. He spent one hour and explained to me exactly what my problems were. Furthermore he gave me the approximate number of sessions I needed. I felt that I was in professional and considerate hands.

The experience was amazing. The treatment was non-invasive. He explained every thing before he did it. My lower back, neck and shoulder really improved. Furthermore, my energy started to flow again. Now I feel more connected , and my body, mind and soul work together. I strongly recommend this Osteopathic treatment for every one who wants to improve their health.


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