My Last Hope

My Last Hope

I would like to thank Dr. Atily Gunaratne for his support and understanding during my recovery. There are no words to explain how awful it was to live in constant debilitating chronic pain for years, until I met Dr. Gunaratne. I was not given any hope from the world’s best medical specialist, after being diagnosed with cervical spondylolisthesis. I was told that I would be living in constant pain that would seriously limit my mobility for the rest of my life. My options were to immediately have surgery, and of course I was given no reassurance of any successful outcome and was told I would have to continue taking the highly addictive pain narcotics. These medications did not cease or diminish my agony at all. At this point, I needed to make some serious choices in my life. I said “NO” to surgery and I decided my life was going to be worthy, not only quantity of life, but ‘quality’. I therefore chose at that moment to live my life with happiness, prosperity, mobility and pain free. I chose a different route in medicine and decided to try alternative treatment, Osteopathy.
Osteopathy has a different approach to treating people. Essentially, they assess a person’s entire situation. This is exactly what Dr. Atily Gunaratne did while handling my case. I began from not being able to sit comfortably, walk properly, along with experiencing severe tickling and numbness in my neck, arms, hands, fingers, and was in excruciating pain to not experiencing any of those sensations anymore. The healing results are magnificent! Although it took a while, I have since been able to surpass all of those obstacles. I can now enjoy my life, socialize and work. Without Dr. Gunaratne’s knowledge, skills and competency, this would not have been possible. I am ever so grateful that I met him and he was able to help in my recovery. Thank you Dr. Gunaratne for giving me hope and assisting me through the most challenging time of my life!
– Palma

February 16, 2015

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About Osteopathy

Had his initial medical training in Sri-Lanka. Subsequently he moved to Europe where he worked as a physiotherapist for many years. While in Europe, he was introduced to osteopathic techniques from Dr. Davidson who was a Harley Street orthopedic surgeon. Upon arrival in Canada, he continued his education at the University of Toronto while working as a physiotherapist. His vast experience includes rehabilitation, sports medicine, and oncology. He continued on to study at the Canadian College of Osteopathy obtaining a doctorate in osteopathic manual practice. He continues to attend local, national and international courses in osteopathy. His area of practice is female health, infertility and postpartum health. Offices held; the vice president of the OAO (Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners), treasurer of the CFO (Canadian Federation of Osteopaths) and a member of both AAO (American Academy of Osteopathy) and WOHO (World Osteopathic Health Organization).