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Natural Health

The first set of pains in my neck and shoulder started in Jamaica where I lived as a teen. While there I also had stomach pain. They had diagnosed me with peptic ulcer. The doctors took me off fried foods to deal with it. When I came to Canada, I didn’t follow the strict diet that I used to follow when I was a teen. My stomach problems continued.

My health issues started way back in Jamaica when she was a teen. When I first came to Canada in my 20s I gave up on the strict diet to control my ulcer pains.

When I started working in her early 30s, I “started getting pains in my neck, shoulder, and even down my spine, and they started getting worse. You wouldn’t believe this but I used to hold up my head while walking. Driving my car was really, really hard.”

The idea of working out in a gym was unthinkable. I was even afraid to walk or run because of the pain.

What was worse was the traditional medical folks were not able to provide a solution.

All this time I had been seeing MDs and medical specialists who gave me pain killers and ulcer pills and they all had different ideas about what could be causing my pains, I also saw chiropractors, masseurs and physiotherapists and it wasn’t helping with lessening the pains. I saw these health care professionals almost every week for four years.

I was introduced to Vaughan-based Atily Gunaratne and I had osteopathic treatments from him. That is when my pains started to disappear.

Today is a new person. I`ve lost a lot of weight. I`m now able to drive without discomfort and to drop my daughter off for school, get to her basketball practice and visit her friends` house.

Meeting Dr. Atily was the best thing that ever happened to me. Today I feel just great. Never felt better, Dr Atily’s ability to make me understand the connection between my stomach and the pains I had been having in the rest of my body. Paule